Here are links for all the pages that I’ve been writing on:

  • 24Sverige (Swedish news site. Several sites, click on link to see all sites)
  • FotbollXtra (swedish site about swedish football)
  • Sambasvenskan (Me and my friends site about swedish football. Creator and founder)
  • Due, due, calcio! (Me and my friends site about italian football. Creator and founder)
  • Eklanda Rosen (Site for swedish housing community. Creator, writer and photographer)

I worked at the swedish newspaper Kvällsposten during the summer of -18. Here are some of all my articles from that period.

I’ve also been writing a lot of articles during my terms at University of South Wales in Cardiff, Wales. Here are some of them.

I also wrote a long journal on my Roller derby video. Click here get to to the journal